Total installed output – 5 MW
Completed projects – 550+
Reduced CO2 emissions – 5200 t/year
Represented – 8 countries


Solarstone is constantly growing. We are looking for a team of talents to help Solarstone conquer exciting new markets and make BIPV an integral part of homes.

Solarstone’s principles and values

Innovation. Deliverable & cutting edge solar solutions.

Customer Commitment. Transparent & accountable.

Teamwork. Best people. Honesty & integrity.

Sustainability. Lasting products with commitment to fix energy and environmental challenges.

We were born to stay. And make a difference.

Solarstone is looking for a Product Manager/Analyst to join our team!

Desired skills and characteristics:

  • At least 2 years of experience in software analysis and/or project management
  • Ability to collect and analyze input to guarantee it’s ready for development 
  • Manage different 3rd party developers and applications working on individual projects (web, CRM, ERP, app, native calculator) and being able to seam them in one all-inclusive Solarstone platform. 
  • Collect requirements, map needs and improve business processes 
  • Compile mock-up prototypes and wireframe (figma, miro etc). 
  • Manage feedback and keep track of maintenance, product fixes on different features
  • Independent, systematic, great communicator and the ability to connect with people 
  • Experience in writing technical documents
  • Manage development project changes to meet company’s expectations and future needs
  • Test completed developments


Place of work: Tartu

You’ll have the opportunity to contribute to the development of important business processes that have a great impact on Solarstone’ success. The possibility to work with great engineers and visionary founders to speed up the green transition.

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