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Completed projects – 800+
Reduced CO2 emissions – 7400 t/year
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Solarstone Click-on solar roof installation

Solarstone Tiled Solar Roof module installation

Installation of Solarstone modules is easy. However there needs to be good communication between the carpenter, tile manufacturer/reseller, solar installer and electrician. Solarstone has validated that all our partners have extensive know-how and expertise to deliver a hassle-free turn-key solution.

A standard roof build-up is suitable for use with Solarstone modules, however we make the following recommendations for tiled roofs:

● Use breathable roofing membrane.
● Use 50mm x 50mm battens nailed to rafters. If other size battens are used, this must be communicated already in the design phase. This alters the modification of the fittings.
● Space the battens following the fixing specification for the conventional roof tiles (with a gauge no less than 330mm and no more than 370mm). Recommended spacing is 350mm for best fit.
● For ‘warm roofs’ eaves to ridge ventilation (or equivalent) should be provided to ensure adequate air flow behind the Solarstone modules.
● The soffit and fascia boards should not be built airtight and gaps must be left between the wooden boards for additional airflow.

Basic Design Principles
● Determine the required space for installation. See product compatibility and data sheet as different tile manufacturers tiles match with different Solarstone products.
● Allow a minimum of one conventional tile between the edge Solarstone modules and the verge or equivalent obstruction.
● Allow at least one course of conventional tiles below the Solarstone area, and at least one course of conventional tiles above the Solarstone area
● Lay Solarstone modules either broken bond to match the fixing specification of the conventional tiles or in straight columns.
● The system is central to the roof and not conflicting with any obstructions (chimneys, ventilation tubes etc) .

Lay the bottom courses of conventional roof tiles using standard practice from the eaves up to the area marked for the Solarstone system. Check the entire layout of the first row of tiles and do not yet cut the batten ends to size.

Module Installation
Before fixing the course of roof tiles below the marked area check the spacing. Each Solarstone module replaces 6 roof tiles. Install roof tiles to the right side of the Solarstone area as you would at a verge (i.e. using a whole tile or a half-size tile). This will ensure weather tightness and match the grain of the tiles below.

Open Solarstone Tile Installation Guide for step-by-step instructions

Well-coordinated installation should look something like this.



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