Total installed output – 7.2 MW
Completed projects – 800+
Reduced CO2 emissions – 7400 t/year
Represented – 10 countries

Solarstone at Intersolar 2022

Huge potential for building-integrated solar in Germany

By early 2021 around 1.3 million PV systems had been installed on houses in Germany. However, there are more than 11.7 million houses that are suitable for a PV system. There is vast potential for harnessing solar power for households and businesses, but how to achieve it? 

Solarstone, the leading maker of building-integrated PV (BIPV) solutions in the Nordics, launched utility-patented Click-on framing kit late 2020 and is now ready to take on German rooftops with the unique solution. Universal aluminum framing kit renders any solar panel instantly into 2in1 weatherproof roofing material making BIPV accessible for new-builds and renovation projects while preserving  aesthetics.

A game-changer in the industry

The  Click-on kit has major advantages over conventional integrated and on-roof rooftop solar installations.

  • Easy to install. Standard 100m2 facet can be easily fitted with panels in just one day. 
  • Highly aesthetical. Equally suitable for churches in the Nordics and villas in French Riviera. 
  • Cost-effective. On average 30% shorter payback period compared to other  BIPV providers.

The Click-on system tackles main issues BIPV has been facing – compatibility and ease of installation. It does not require any screws or adhesive to marry with standard PV modules. As a bonus, the kit can be easily assembled on site. The 2in1 system has been successfully tested against fire, wind and snow-load. 

Solarstone products have green light when it comes to restrictions imposed in national heritage areas, where standard PV installatios are forbidden. Buildings with Solarstone solar roofs have been nominated for various architectural and design awards. Solarstone has installed over 150 full solar roofs in just short 6 months. 

Full solar roof with Click-on and dummy modules

Non-active modules (‘dummies’) can be utilized in the perimeter or areas with permanent shading. Dummy modules are made from aluminum honeycomb panels and are framed with the same click-on technology. They blend naturally with the overall concept of a modern solar roof. Special transition flashings are available to accommodate regular roofing material if passive aluminium modules can’t be used in the perimeter.  

Value and premium level Integrated solutions

In addition to Click-on solar roofs, Solarstone manufactures integrated panels for tiled and standing seam steel roofs that have a great compatibility with major roof material producers, such as BMI Braas, Wienerberger or Ruukki. 

Silver Aednik, the CEO of Solarstone adds: “Roof and facade surfaces are valuable resource that must and can be utilized pragmatically”. Solar roofs and integrated PV solutions are shifting the balance on how energy production and consumption meet. Modern building envelopes are the cornerstones enabling energy prosumers to thrive. “In the not-so-distant future we shall have better and smarter charging and storing infrastructure at our service, solar roofs and facades will become local green ‘gas stations‘ to support the green transition,” concludes Silver.

Ready to take on German market

BIPV products are often over-engineered, complicated to install and expensive. In order to make BIPV a commodity and all-inclusive standard in construction industry, it must be highly customizable, and foremost affordable. We are ready to deliver. Europe and beyond.  

Solarstone. The Solar Roof Company. 

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