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Transforming buildings into modern PV plants by challenging traditional building concepts.

Solarstone® is driven by the main elements in the construction and architecture world: firmness, commodity, delight. We believe that small scale PV installations play a key role in the future of housing and in transition to renewable energy. Locally produced and consumed energy is the most viable and sustainable way to combat climate and energy challenges.

Our mission is to promote sustainable living and resource-efficient construction practices. Building-integrated solar installation delivers a sound return of investment, but that is not all.

Why Solarstone®


Going solar is the easiest way to save on electricity costs and reduce your environmental footprint by producing 100% clean energy.

Making a switch to Solarstone® helps you optimize construction budget and time as you will not need a layer of regular roofing material under the panels at all. Solarstone® modules perform as a 2-in-1 permanent roofing material, so you will save both on material and labor costs for installing a roof under the panels.

Did you know that building-integrated PV (or BIPV) is the only building material that has a return on investment? With Solarstone®’s solar roof, you will not only earn back the initial investment but will also earn an extra income. It is a smart choice for all homeowners who want to make solar energy a part of their daily lives.


Solarstone®’s PV panels integrate seamlessly with all types of conventional roofing materials. You may not even notice the difference as the panels are invisible to the naked eye! Get yourself solar panels that are aesthetically so pleasing that they tie your home into an architectural whole.

From roofers to roofers - best-in-class BIPV product

Solarstone® products are transforming the concept of BIPV for new-builds and renovation projects. We use top-tier solar modules that are efficient and last for decades. Our patented and awarded Click-on technology gives you a 2-in-1 solar roof that will democratize energy usage - it is your turn to become an energy prosumer.

It does not matter how complex your rooftop configuration is, it can be handled with ease. Solarstone® panels are mounted directly on the wooden battens without any expensive mounting systems. Standard 10 kW (60 m2) Solarstone® solar roof installation can be completed in just one day.

Made to withstand all weather elements


5400 Pa

Wind uplift

2400 Pa


Production Warranty
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A project manager, engineer, and a roofer look at a house:
A Solarstone story

Solarstone® was founded in early 2015 by a group of friends who were facing technical challenges while working on various real estate projects. Back then the energy crisis and sustainability challenges were not yet making any headlines. Only a few were anticipating the green transition to become a real thing. Our idea was to create durable and smart roofing systems that would also alleviate dependence from the energy grid. 

While concrete and clay tile roofing systems were known for their durability in contrasting climates and solar technology was becoming more available and commonplace, it still did not offer a wide choice of rooftop applications.

We embarked on a journey with a goal to develop an all-round PV module compatible with a variety of roof tiles seamlessly matching contemporary architecture. Beauty and functionality became one. Solar Tiled Roof was born.

By early 2023, we’ve grown to 50 people and secured a foothold in 10 markets. Our portfolio has grown and our universal BIPV solutions are making a difference in the building industry. Our patented and award-winning Solar Full Roof technology unlocks possibilities unimaginable before with unlimited domestic and commercial applications.






is born.

Combined total output of 1,7 MW on 180 projects.
Represented in 7 countries.
Excited to onboard 1st strategic investor Sunly.
Solarstone® 500 solar roofs erected across 8 European countries.
Total installed output tops 4.5 MW.
800 neat solar roofs installed.
Successful closing of Series A financing round.
Solarstone® is a proptech company with an impact. We provide solar solutions people actually need. We replace old roofing concepts with sustainable and cost-effective multi-purpose technology so we all can become energy prosumers. No matter if you are dreaming of a new home for your family or business, or your car.  Solarstone is the Solar Roof Company.

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