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Join us in providing the best solar roofing solutions on the market. We are constantly looking for long-term partners to bring integrated solar to new frontiers.

Products overview

The best solar roofing solutions on the market

Solarstone Solar Full Roof on a residential house
Solar Full Roof™

A powerhouse roof. Our Solar Full Roof integrates advanced solar technology into the building structure, creating an aesthetically pleasing solution that saves on the costs of separate installations.

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solarstone solar tiled roof on a modern house
Solar Tiled Roof™

Solar Tiled Roof™ combines solar and roofing functionality into a perfect energy production system without compromising the visual appearance of your home. Interlocks with a comprehensive selection of flat concrete and clay tiles.

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Solarstone Solar Carport with electric Volvo XC40 in snowy conditions
Solar Carport Residential

A dual-function solution that provides vehicle protection and clean energy generation. Perfect for homeowners with electric vehicles or those planning to switch to electric in the future.

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Installed & kicking!

Check out some of the houses that have a Solarstone product installed and get a better picture of how it could elevate your home to a higher level.

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Win-win situation

Why partner with Solarstone?

We provide a competitively priced, high-quality product line, backed by our expertise and support. This enhances your product offering and gives you a competitive edge in your market.

Building-integrated solar is the future

Stay ahead of the curve with Solarstone’s BIPV products.

Stand out from the crowd

Enhance your portfolio with patented, awarded and aesthetically pleasing solar solutions.

Easy installation

Solarstone’s products are made by roofers for roofers.

Certifications & reliability

Our products don’t just meet the mandatory EU regulations; they often exceed them.

Seamless collaboration process

From product training to after-sales support, we ensure a hassle-free experience for you and your customers.

Premium & affordable

Patented technology makes premium solar roofs affordable and competitive with on-roof solar solutions.

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Partner programme options

Solarstone® Full Service Partner

Full Service Partners provide either directly or by using outsourced partners (e.g. Certified Roofers, Certified Electricians) value-added services to end-users; including installation, electrical work, training, and after-sales support.


Solarstone® Certified Solar Roofer

Specialized in all standard and roof-related activities, including structural build or renovation, underlayment preparation and installing the Solarstone solar roof products.


Solarstone® Certified Solar Electrician

Electrical integration is paramount in our product installation. Solarstone Certified Electricians are trained to ensure that installations are safe, compliant, and efficient.


Certified Affiliate Partner of Solarstone®

Partners who provide technical support to build a Solarstone solar roof for a house or building, e.g. architects, structural engineers, prefab house manufacturers, etc.

Partnership principles


In our commitment to foster a diverse and competitive market environment, we adhere to a non-exclusivity policy with all our partners. We believe that this approach not only ensures a wider reach but also stimulates an environment where quality and innovation are at the forefront, ultimately benefiting our end-users. Here’s what this means:

Open market policy

While we value each partnership and the unique contributions of every partner, we do not grant exclusive rights to any single entity. This means multiple partners might operate in the same region or sector, ensuring a broader reach and customer choice.

Equal Opportunities

Every partner, regardless of size or tenure, is given an equal opportunity to represent and promote our solar roofing products or services. This ensures a level playing field and encourages healthy competition, benefiting the end consumers.

Unbiased Support

We remain committed to supporting all partners equally. Our resources, training, and promotional materials are available to all partners irrespective of their market share or sales figures.

Freedom of Association

Partners are free to represent other brands or products, as long as there’s no direct conflict of interest with our offerings. This gives our partners flexibility in diversifying their portfolio.

Dynamic Partnerships

The non-exclusivity model promotes a dynamic ecosystem where partners are encouraged to constantly innovate and improve, ensuring that we, together, stay ahead of market trends and consumer demands.

One step at a time

Onboarding process

Our onboarding process is designed to integrate new partners seamlessly into our ecosystem, ensuring clarity, efficiency, and a strong foundation for collaboration.

  • 1

    Initial assessment and interview

  • 2

    Partner’s Company presentation

  • 3

    Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

  • 4

    Solarstone introduction

  • 5

    Solarstone regional office visit

  • 6

    Partner visit by Solarstone team

  • 7

    Product & Marketing materials

  • 8

    Technical materials

  • 9

    Partner training program

  • 10

    Defining KPIs

  • 11


  • 12


  • 13

    First installation


Our success stories & collaborations

Solarstone employees carrying a solar panel

Solarstone Opens Europe's Largest Factory for BIPV Production

Press Releases  •  News

Viljandi, Estonia - Solarstone unveils its state-of-the-art Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) factory, establishing itself as the largest of its kind in Europe by production capacity.The factory has the capacity to assemble 13,000 integrated solar panels per month. Annually, this supplies 6,0...

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solarstone solar tiled roof on roof and facade

Celebrating a Milestone: Solarstone®'s 1000th Solar Roof Installation

Case Studies  •  Movement  •  News

At Solarstone®, every installation is a step closer to a greener, more sustainable future. Today, we're thrilled to celebrate a significant milestone: our 1000th installation. While our diverse product line caters to various solar needs, this landmark installation was our Solar Tiled Roof™, a tes...

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Introducing Our New Partner - Enermont

News  •  Movement

Key Takeaways:Solarstone® welcomes Enermont, a renewable energy leader since 2018.Enermont's core values resonate with Solarstone®: Customer Focus, Quality, Competence, Guarantee, and Comprehensive Support.The partnership's inception traces back to a Gothenburg fair, where Solarstone®'s BIPV solu...

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Personal guidance

Training & resources

When you’re a partner you get access to all the resources you might need to successfully complete a solar roofing project.

uniform & standardised

The Solarstone® Switch-on process

Every Solarstone partner follows the same approach and principles in every project for a consistent customer experience.


Site measurement (digital tools or on-site)


Call from Solarstone Sales Engineer to collect object information


Releasing an indicative offer


Solarstone solution design & composing technical documentation


Submitting necessary applications required by local regulatories or law


Roof preparation work, e.g. removing old roof


Installing the Solarstone solution


Connecting with house electrical system and/or grid


Generating a safety report and training the user

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