Be an energy prosumer

An energy prosumer both produces and consumes renewable energy, contributing to sustainability and independence. Solar power is a smart choice for the future of you and the planet.


Save on electricity costs

Imagine not having to worry about fluctuations in energy prices or having to budget for unexpected energy costs. With solar, this future becomes a reality. You can significantly reduce your monthly electricity bills by generating electricity at home and accumulate significant savings over time.

With solar power, you'll have a steady and predictable source of electricity. On top of that, you pay off the cost of your solar panels over time through savings on electricity bills.

Now is the best time to consider going solar and start saving on your electricity bills as the cost of solar panels is decreasing, but grid tariffs are getting more expensive.


Gain energyindependence

By producing and storing your own electricity, you are less reliant on the grid and the often-volatile prices of fossil fuels.

With solar panels and a battery, you'll have a steady and reliable source of electricity even during power outages.

Taking control of your energy usage gives you a sense of security and stability when it comes to your energy costs.


Long-term investment benefits

Investing in solar power will not only save you money on the monthly electricity bill but also increase your property value and reduce your carbon footprint. Solar power is a clean and renewable energy source: by generating your own electricity, you're positively impacting the environment.

Building-integrated solar products are an investment that keep on giving, both for your wallet and for the planet. It is a wise investment with long-term benefits.

Sunny side up

Solar roof energy production

Solarstone solar roofs and carports provide significant savings on energy costs, reduce carbon footprint, allow for low installation costs and minimal disruptions – all while creating a durable solar roofing solution that lasts for decades.

12.3 kW
Annual solar energy production
10 234.95 kWh

The graph shows data based on approximate average sunlight at the selected location. Real-life experience might vary. Just like the weather forecast, sadly we also can’t predict the weather 100% accurately.

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All questions answered

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity. The electricity (DC current) is then sent to an inverter which converts it into usable energy (AC current) for your home or business.

How do I know what size solar panel system I need?

The size of the solar roof depends on your energy usage and the sunlight your property and roof facets receive.

Based on energy consumption (past or predicted) our engineering team will determine the appropriate system layout for your roof. Your energy consumption is affected mainly by the heating system, AC unit, appliances and water heating setup.

For that, our sales engineer team is there for you.

How can I monitor my energy production and usage?

You can monitor your energy usage using a smart meter. This device can help you track your energy usage in real-time and identify system components where you can make changes to optimise energy consumption.

Solarstone systems come with a monitoring app (e.g. FusionSolar) provided by the inverter maker. You can download the app to your phone to keep an eye on your solar energy production/consumption patterns.

What are the benefits of using solar energy?

Solar energy is a renewable and sustainable source of energy that can help reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your electricity bills. If coupled with a solar battery, solar energy is also a reliable source of energy during power outages.

Additionally, rooftop solar increases the value of your property.

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Energy Storage

A battery system will keep the power generated by your solar panels in reserve and allow you to use it even when there’s no sunlight, such as at night or on cloudy days.

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Solar Full Roof™

A powerhouse roof. Our Solar Full Roof integrates advanced solar technology into the building structure, creating an aesthetically pleasing solution that saves on the costs of separate installations.

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solarstone solar tiled roof on a modern house
Solar Tiled Roof™

Solar Tiled Roof™ combines solar and roofing functionality into a perfect energy production system without compromising the visual appearance of your home. Interlocks with a comprehensive selection of flat concrete and clay tiles.

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Solarstone Solar Carport with electric Volvo XC40 in snowy conditions
Solar Carport Residential

A dual-function solution that provides vehicle protection and clean energy generation. Perfect for homeowners with electric vehicles or those planning to switch to electric in the future.

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