Total installed output – 7.2 MW
Completed projects – 800+
Reduced CO2 emissions – 7400 t/year
Represented – 10 countries

Solar Full Roof

Solar panels can be effectively used for erecting full PV roof, be it a renovation or a new-build project. 350+ W standard-size modules are fitted with innovative framing, which renders regular solar panels into weatherproof roofing system. Non-active modules can be utilized in the perimeter or areas with permanent shading (incl. transition to dormers, chimneys, ventilation outlets etc). Active and non-active modules blend naturally with the overall concept of a modern solar roof. Special transition flashings are available to accommodate regular roofing material if passive aluminum modules are not the first choice. Solarstone Solar Full Roof is one of the most affordable 2-in-1 solar solutions on the market.

Awarded Solarstone Solar Full Roof is perfect fit for

  • Large scale new-build or renovation roof projects. Residential or industrial scope.
  • Roofs with minimum pitch of 18°.
  • 100% waterproof underlayment must be used in cases the roof pitch is below 18°.
  • 3 different top profiles to accommodate different layouts avoiding usage of dummy modules in columns.
  • Ideal for landscape and portrait setup.
  • For architects we have created digital twins of the solar panels –  BIM 3D models (Revit ja ArchiCAD).

beautiful, aesthetic solar roof on a house with garage, trees and pavement by Solarstone

Solar full roof energy production

10.6 kWp roof covered with Solarstone panels produces approx. 9600 kWh per year (real data from 2020) and avoids 9600 kg of CO₂ emissions every year (equal to 530 trees).

solarstone solar energy production


The price of each solar roof varies and is dependent on various factors. To obtain a quote, please contact our sales engineers.


Solarstone Click-on solar full roof datasheet

Energy storage

If you’re interested in battery systems, please find more information and prices here.

Click-on framing kit for Solar Full Roofs

Click-on is a universal aluminum framing kit that renders essentially any solar panel into 2in1 weatherproof roofing material without any additional sublayer. Solarstone Click-on framing system has been granted utility patent. The framing kit makes in-roof solar:

  • Highly aesthetic. Equally suitable for churches in the Nordics and villas along the French Riviera.
  • Cost-effective. Competitive pricing when weighing against conventional on-roof solar installations.
  • Easy to install. Standard 80m2 rooftop can be easily fitted with panels in just one day.


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