Total installed output – 7.2 MW
Completed projects – 800+
Reduced CO2 emissions – 7400 t/year
Represented – 10 countries

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Leading building-integrated solar provider in the Nordics today. Top 3 in the world by 2025.

Solarstone makes top performance rooftop solar affordable for homeowners all over the world. Our proprietary solutions tackle the common BIPV industry drawbacks:

  1. Faking sustainable behaviour. 98% of rooftop solar installations have regular weatherproof roof installed underneath – building attached photovoltaics (BAPV). Results in wasteful use of construction materials.
  2. DWG, Excel, Sketchup drawings. Planning and quoting a roofing project requires various old school tools and data for validation, often on-site visit and labor intensive checks.
  3. BIPV is complicated & expensive. Solar installers are not motivated to switch from regular solar to building-integrated solar (BIPV) as it lacks economical advantages and similar functionality of a traditional roof.


What we do better
  1. 2x less material needed. Solarstone’s solutions require 2x less building material than traditional solar roofs. Sustainable construction methods with minimized carbon footprint.
  2. Instant layout and price quote. Digital toolset uses smart algorithms, geolocation and satellite data for automated layout planning, quoting and production management.
  3. Smart design makes it affordable. Solarstone’s unique solution renders standard solar panels into modern roofing material (BIPV). Premium solar roof for the price of a regular roof.


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