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Solarstone® is the building-integrated rooftop solar market leader in the Nordics. We are constantly growing and looking for talents to take us into new exciting markets and make building-integrated PV an integral part of homes.

Why work in Solarstone®

We challenge traditional building concepts

We believe that small scale renewable installations play a key role in the future of housing and energy transition. Locally produced and consumed energy is the most viable and sustainable way to combat climate and energy challenges.

We're leading the way to better solar solutions

Solarstone® is changing the paradigm of traditional PV technology. We turn solar panels into aesthetically pleasing building materials that tie your building into an architectural whole.

Our mission

We’re one of the fastest growing cleantech companies in the Nordics. Solarstone® is setting a new standard in the industry and we’re on a mission to make building-integrated solar an integral part of modern construction practices.

In Solarstone®, your actions have an impact. It’s the perfect growth-environment for creative and enthusiastic personalities in the proptech ecosystem.

We are the best


Deliverable & cutting edge solar solutions.

Customer Commitment

Transparent & accountable.


Best people. Honesty & integrity.


Lasting products with commitment to fix energy and environment challenges.

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