Total installed output – 7.2 MW
Completed projects – 800+
Reduced CO2 emissions – 7400 t/year
Represented – 10 countries

Solar Tiled Roof

Solarstone building-integrated modules for tiled roofs interlock with any concrete or clay tile. Solar tiled roof combine solar and roofing functionality into one perfect system. 2 different size and output modules (90W & 108W) are available to match with a comprehensive selection of tiles available on the market. 6 roof tiles are replaced by 1 solar module with a guaranteed seamless transition. Elegant and sleek design of the solar modules complements your home’s natural design.

Building-integrated solar provides a 2-in-1 solution: it serves as both the outer layer of the house and generates electricity for on-site use or export to the grid. Solarstone integrated panels provide savings in electricity costs and reduce pollution. Integrated solar modules turn you from consumer into prosumer. Solar roof is the only roof that pays for itself by generating renewable energy and reducing electricity bills. Tile interlocking Solarstone modules are extremely durable and are awarded with European patent EP 3 319 228.

Solarstone Solar Tiled Roof is perfect fit for

  • New-builds or renovation projects when tiled roof is the primary selection.
  • Replacing shake roof or facade
  • Roofs with minimum pitch of 18°
  • 100% waterproof underlayment must be added when pitch is below 18°
  • For architects we have created digital twins of the solar tiled roof –  BIM 3D models (Revit ja ArchiCAD).

Compatible roof tiles

  • BMI Monier – Tegalit/Minster, Turmalin, Teviva, Evo
  • Benders – Carisma, Mecklenburger

Solar energy production

10.6 kWp Solar Tiled Roof produces approx. 9600 kWh per year (real data from 2020) and avoids 9600 kg of CO₂ emissions every year (equal to 530 trees).


The price of each solar roof varies and is dependent on various factors. To obtain a quote, please contact our sales engineers.

Energy storage

If you’re interested in battery systems, please find more information and prices here.

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