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Solar Tiled Roof™

Introducing: the seamless meeting place of functionality and sustainability. Solar Tiled Roof™ combines solar and roofing functionality into a perfect energy production system without compromising the visual appearance of your home. The building-integrated modules for tiled roofs interlock with nearly all flat concrete and clay tiles, leaving your home as beautiful as it ever was.

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What is Solar Tiled Roof™ and who is it for?

Solar panels are the roofing material

With Solar Tiled Roof™, 5 or 6 flat roof tiles get replaced by 1 solar module with a guaranteed seamless transition. The Solar Tiled Roof™ is an embedded in-roof system that is easier to install than regular tiles and requires minimal maintenance. The panels for tiled roofs are robust, tested and function as permanent roofing material. If you are after an aesthetically pleasing look that lasts, Solar Tiled Roof™ is the option for you.

Modern and elegant

Solar Tiled Roof™ makes your home look elegant and modern by seamlessly integrating solar panels directly into the roof along with roof tiles around the perimeter.

Roofs with minimum pitch of 18°

Solarstone® solar modules are designed to be installed on all types of sloped roofs, with a minimum angle of 18 degrees. The requirement is necessary to ensure water-tightness of the installation.

Doesn’t require expensive mounting systems

Say goodbye to costly mounting systems! Solarstone®’s solar modules are placed directly onto wooden battens which allows for a more streamlined installation process. The result is a 2in1 installation process which is less costly and less complex than experienced with conventional rooftop solar mounting systems.

Solar Tiled Roof™ Specifications

Power / m²

150 W


Power Output Guarantee


Product Warranty

Wind Uplift

EN 14437

Fire Rating


Snow Load

4900 Pa

Invest in your future

The Solar Tiled Roof™ provides significant savings on energy costs and reduces your carbon footprint. The product is not over-engineered, resulting in lower installation costs and minimal disruptions – all while creating a durable solar roofing solution that lasts for decades.

Built to Last

Solarstone® BIPV panels are designed to give you clean energy and protection for decades. The panels are strong, tested and function as permanent roofing material. With a 25-year Production Warranty you have less concerns about energy bills and price fluctuations.

Enhanced Solar Energy Production and Protection

Solarstone® provides a complete selection of accessories to optimize the performance of your solar roof. Our solar panels can generate sufficient amounts of energy even on roofs with challenging angles and shading. Coupled with a solar battery, there’s no need to worry about high energy prices.

Why choose Solarstone®?

Highly Aesthetic

Our solar roofs are equally suitable for churches in the Nordics and villas in the French Riviera.


Our solar roofs are not only sleek and modern but also cost-effective. Solarstone® offers prices competitive with conventional on-roof solar installations.

Easy to Install

Solar roof installation is easy and efficient – a simple obstacle-free gabled 60 m2 Solarstone® Solar Tiled Roof can be completed in just 1 day.

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