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Classic meets innovation

Solar Tiled Roof™

Introducing: the seamless meeting place of functionality and sustainability. Solar Tiled Roof™ combines solar and roofing functionality into a perfect energy production system without compromising the visual appearance of your home.

The building-integrated modules for tiled roofs interlock with nearly all flat concrete and clay tiles, leaving your home as beautiful as it ever was. Some might even say more beautiful.

Your roofing material reimagined

Solar Tiled Roof™ features & advantages

No roofing layer required

Our solar tiles are a 2-in-1 roofing material.


If you want the best-of-the-best, then we’ve got you – and your house – covered.

Invest in your future

Significant savings on energy costs and reduced carbon footprint.

Effortless installation

Less costly and less complex than conventional rooftop solar mounting systems.

Solarstone's building-integrated solar roof does not require a roofing material layer

Compared to traditional rooftop solar panel solutions, Solarstone’s 2-in-1 solar roof acts as roofing material itself, resulting in a modern and uniform-looking roof.

Solar Tiled Roof™ specifications

We’re not claiming knowing these technical details will impress your friends, but it wouldn’t hurt to try it out, right?

Power / ㎡

150 W

Power Output Warranty


Wind Uplift

EN 14437

Product Warranty


Snow Load

4900 Pa

Approximately 500 kg/㎡
Fire Rating


Covers most European countries, excluding France and the UK

Tile compatibility

Solarstone Solar Tiled Roof™ modules are compatible with a wide selection of flat concrete and clay tiles.

If you’re uncertain or need additional help, don’t hesitate to contact us!

BMI Monier
Tegalit / Minster
Tondach Figaro


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Installed & kicking!

Experience the elegance of homes graced with our premium Solar Tiled Roof™. Imagine this luxury in your residence.

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Sit back & relax

A guaranteed worry-free process

Our team will sit with you to understand your energy needs, evaluate your roof's solar potential, and craft a design that's just right for your home.

After our chat, you'll receive a clear quotation detailing the solar system we envision for your home, the costs involved, and the energy you can expect to harness.

We'll handle all the technical documentation and support your interactions with local authorities to ensure everything's in order.

Solarstone® professional installer team ensures your solar roof is set up with precision and safety. Trained to the highest standards, our experts efficiently handle the installation process, adhering to rigorous safety protocols.

Once installed, we'll connect your new solar roof to your home's electrical system and run thorough tests to ensure peak performance.

We'll walk you through your new system, showing you how to monitor its performance and make the most of the sun's energy.

Our commitment doesn't end once the panels are up. With warranty coverage and a dedicated support team, we're always here for any questions or needs you might have.

Built to last

Decades of energy & protection

Solarstone® BIPV panels are built to stand the test of time. Meticulously crafted for resilience, they offer more than just clean energy; they promise unwavering protection for decades.

As a testament to their durability, our panels come with a 25-year Production Warranty. Invest in a roof that's not just eco-friendly but also enduringly robust.

Full transparency

All questions answered

Is my house suitable for this solar roof?

Certainly, if your roof is sloped with a minimum pitch of 18 degrees, and roof tiles are preferred. The Solar Tiled Roof™ is crafted to merge effortlessly with various architectural designs. It's the perfect blend of traditional roof tiles and cutting-edge solar technology. Whether you're retrofitting an older home or designing a new one, our solar tiles can be customized to meet your aesthetic and energy needs. With its seamless integration, your home will maintain its classic charm while embracing the future of energy.

What are my roof (pitch, underlayer, battens) requirements?

The Solar Tiled Roof™ is designed for most sloped roofs with a minimum pitch of 18 degrees, ensuring the system remains water-tight. For the underlayment, choose one that can withstand temperatures up to 120°C as a safety measure. The solar roofing tiles are meant to be placed directly onto wooden battens, simplifying the installation process and eliminating the need for additional mounting systems.

Who performs the preparations?

For renovation projects, while Solarstone® offers a comprehensive suite of services from consultation to installation, removing the old roof and placing wooden battens as per our design guidelines should be managed by the homeowner or their chosen contractor. Once these initial steps are completed, our dedicated Solarstone® team or Certified Partners will step in to install the solar tile system.

How do I maintain my Solar Tiled Roof™ ?

One of the highlights of the Solar Tiled Roof™ is its low maintenance. Unlike traditional solar setups where debris like moss or fallen leaves can become trapped, our integrated design minimizes such concerns. If cleaning is even required besides natural rainwater, gently rinse with water, and a soft brush or cloth will do the trick. This design ensures that your solar roof remains pristine and efficient with minimal effort on your part.

Are individual solar modules replaceable if one gets damaged?

Absolutely, individual solar roof tiles can be replaced if they suffer damage. Our design ensures that each solar tile is accessible, allowing for easy replacements without disrupting the entire roof. This modular design guarantees the durability and efficiency of your Solar Tiled Roof™ system for years to come.

Have any more unanswered questions? Reach out to us and let’s have a chat!
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