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Solar Full Roof™

Two-in-One Marvel

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Classic Meets Innovation

Solar Carport

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Visual appearance

Solarstone® building-integrated solar panels are compatible with all common roofing materials. They fit into place seamlessly as the panels are invisible to the naked eye.

Add character to your house and make solar part of your home and future.

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Modern energy production experience

your estate's value with sustainable elegance
7 certifications
for quality and perfomance
your power with energy storage
Solarstone® energy projects
expanded, bills shrinked

Built to last

Solarstone® solar roof provides a clean, renewable energy source and is a lasting and reliable roofing material. Each panel is meticulously designed and rigorously tested for strength and longevity. A 25-year Output Warranty backs our confidence in their durability.

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Boost your property value with Solarstone®

Join the solar revolution, diminish your grid dependence, and uplift your real estate value.

Our high-performance panels are not just about generating power; they're an investment in your future.

It's the dawn of your sustainable and cost-effective journey. Witness your solar roof pay for itself in a decade. Make each moment count with early planning for your solar panel system.


Expertise & experience

Solarstone®’s certified partners will guide you every step of the way from general roofing requirements to solar module installation procedures, electrical works and commissioning.

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Enhanced solar energy production and protection


Ensuring safety and reliability

Choose from a complete selection of accessories to secure the performance of your solar roof.
Solarstone® solar roofs meet all necessary standards and regulations, ensuring safety, reliability, and compliance with local building and energy codes.

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