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Solar Full Roof

Solar panels for full PV solar roofs.

Solar Tiled Roof

Seamless integration with roof tiles. One solar module replaces 5 or 6 flat tiles.

Solar Carport

Designed for harsh Nordic conditions.

Highest quality and reliability

Production Warranty
10 countries
and Counting
8280 t/ Year
Reduced CO2 Emissions
7 Certifi­cations
for Quality and Performance
Solarstone® BIPV projects

A solar roof is most profitable if you can maximise on-site consumption

Wave goodbye to high electricity bills! Switch to solar power with Solarstone®, save on electricity costs and make a smart investment in solar energy. If designed right, your solar roof pays for itself within 10 years.

Reduce your dependence on the grid with renewable energy by becoming a prosumer. Let your building generate its own power and raise the value of your real-estate.

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Save with solar energy

Annual consumption
10 000 kWh
Electricity price
0,20 € / kWh
Installed power
10 kWp
Annual value of produced solar energy
Annual net profit

The calculation for your saving plan is approximate, based on information in public databases and your location's solar potential. Contact for a more detailed offer.

Widely used solutions for industrial and private sector


Visual appearance

Solarstone® building-integrated solar panels are compatible with all common roofing materials. They fit into place seamlessly as the panels are invisible to the naked eye.

Add character to your house and make solar part of your home and future.

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Built to Last

Solarstone® panels are designed to give you clean energy and protection for decades. Our panels are strong, tested and function as permanent roofing material. With a 25-year Output Warranty you have less concerns about energy bills and price fluctuations.

Solar roof design, production and quick professional installation


Expertise & Experience

Solarstone®’s certified partners will guide you every step of the way from general roofing requirements to solar module installation procedures, electrical works and commissioning.


Enhanced Solar Energy Production and Protection

Choose from a complete selection of accessories to secure the performance of your solar roof. We have in-depth knowledge about market specific roofing principles and challenges, and can provide you with maximum weather protection under various conditions. Solarstone® has also developed custom ventilation flashings for Click-on® product series to improve airflow in the section between the roof underlay and module’s surface. Improved air circulation enhances performance of the BIPV roof, different flashings close access for birds and collection of dirt under the modules.


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