Solarstone Opens Europe's Largest Factory for BIPV Production

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Solarstone employees carrying a solar panel

Viljandi, Estonia - Solarstone unveils its state-of-the-art Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) factory, establishing itself as the largest of its kind in Europe by production capacity.

solar panels stacked in Solarstone new factory

The factory has the capacity to assemble 13,000 integrated solar panels per month. Annually, this supplies 6,000 homes with 10 kW solar roof installation, enough to power an average household. Consider this for perspective on its scale: in the seven years since Tesla introduced its Solar Roof technology, they have only installed it in 3,000 homes in the U.S.

Solarstone is on a mission to change the roofing landscape by facilitating both re-roofing and new-build segments. Silver Aednik, CEO of Solarstone, shared, "This isn't just the opening of a factory; it's a huge leap towards making energy-producing homes and the prosumer era a reality. Ramping up the production capacity will help us drive the industry transformation globally."

Solarstone new factory seen from inside with new machinery

This strategic move underscores Solarstone’s unwavering dedication to innovation and a green transition, setting new standards in the proptech industry and committing to customer needs for smart renewable solutions.  Following initial backing from Sunly, the inauguration of Europe’s leading BIPV production facility was made possible by a subsequent investment from Biofuel OÜ, an Estonian family office dedicated to scaling game-changing renewable technologies.

A Landmark Achievement

Solarstone is proud to announce a landmark achievement, establishing itself as Europe’s premier BIPV production facility with an annual output reaching 60 MW. This accomplishment is not merely a testament to Solarstone's production capabilities but a reflection of its commitment to setting new benchmarks and redefining the possibilities within roof-integrated solar solutions.

Solarstone factory employee working with new precision machinery
Solarstone employee using a new machine

Solarstone’s recent investments have significantly elevated its manufacturing flexibility and assurance criteria. Incorporating advanced precision machining, Solarstone can now easily adapt to the specifications of all top-tier (Tier 1) solar panel manufacturers recognised for their high-quality standards. This advancement guarantees each product aligns with the company’s stringent criteria. This enhancement in manufacturing technology allows for meticulous crafting and adaptation, producing superior BIPV panels that meet diverse design specifications and performance requirements.

Furthermore, Solarstone has introduced a custom-made, A+ rated testing station. This ensures that each solar panel, known as a photovoltaic (PV) module, which turns sunlight into electricity, aligns with industry standards. Solarstone can conduct all the usual industry tests with high accuracy with this state-of-the-art station. Clients benefit by receiving detailed, personalised data and performance reports, ensuring everything is transparent and easily tracked.

Solarstone employees carrying a solar panel
Solarstone factory employee testing a BIPV solar panel
Solarstone factory employee using a new testing station
Solarstone factory worker using a new custom made testing station

Communications Manager Janari Võrk emphasised, "This is not just about achieving impressive numbers; it’s about innovation, excellence, and transparency. Solarstone is committed to delivering superior, data-backed products, ensuring clients receive the pinnacle of roof-integrated solar solutions."

The Solarstone Edge

Solarstone is a pioneer in the building-integrated solar industry, repurposing Tier 1 solar panels through an innovative and eco-friendly approach. The solutions provided by Solarstone are not merely green but also characterised by high efficiency and durability.

The company seamlessly integrates these panels into building materials, offering the dual advantage of robust protection coupled with efficient energy generation. This represents a transformative shift from traditional roofing materials to a more sustainable and innovative alternative.

Solarstone Solar Full Roof on a renovated house

Head of Manufacturing, Toomas Kresla, delved into the company’s distinctive approach, declaring, "We offer a 2-in-1 solution that is markedly more eco-friendly. Traditional methods construct the solar roof twice: initially creating a 'base roof' and adding a 'panel top layer'. But our innovative methodology is not just a revolutionary stride in sustainable building. It also underscores our dedication to eco-friendly solutions. And we achieve this without sacrificing functionality or aesthetics."

This innovative approach by Solarstone is setting new standards in the industry, demonstrating how sustainability and functionality coexist, paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future in building construction.

Economic and Environmental Impacts

Solarstone's solar roofs are at the pinnacle of production innovation, serving as a model for both economic and environmental gains. Homeowners utilising Solarstone's technology expect substantial cost savings, potentially offsetting their entire electricity bill, contributing to a more sustainable and economically efficient household.

The environmental benefits of Solarstone's products are paramount. Integrating solar panels directly into the building materials eliminates the need for additional structures and installations, reducing material waste and energy consumption. This approach represents a leap in sustainable building practices and contributes to reducing carbon footprint, aligning with global environmental conservation goals.

Solarstone Solar Full Roof on a Mulgi Elamuskeskus

CEO Silver Aednik emphasised, "Solarstone's mission goes beyond merely advancing our business interests. At our core, we champion environmental sustainability. We aim to ensure that the benefits of our innovative solutions reach homeowners and businesses, helping to shape a greener and more sustainable future for all."

Looking Ahead

By 2029, the European Union will mandate solar energy-producing roofs for all new constructions, marking a significant shift in building regulations and energy policies. With the world's growing energy needs, the focus is shifting towards implementing efficient and intelligent energy solutions.

In some EU countries, there are discussions and movements towards prohibiting the establishment of solar parks on agricultural lands, highlighting the importance of optimising available urban and industrial spaces. Solarstone is at the forefront of this transformation, converting underutilised rooftops into valuable energy-producing assets, thus monetising previously overlooked spaces.

Communications Manager Janari Võrk reflected, "We are on the brink of a transformative era in urban infrastructure. Our innovative approach and expertise are converting static structures into dynamic, energy-producing entities, paving the way for a sustainable urban future."

Solarstone Solar Full Roof on a residential house

As the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, with more stringent requirements for solar energy integration in new buildings, Solarstone is strategically positioned to lead the industry through these transformative times, offering innovative solutions that align with emerging needs and regulations.


With the launch of its state-of-the-art BIPV factory and an impressive annual output of 60 MW, Solarstone solidifies its position as a leader in Europe's solar industry. Committed to shaping a brighter, greener future, Solarstone sets new standards in innovation and environmental responsibility, leading the way in sustainable energy solutions.

Solarstone new factory from the inside
Solarstone new factory and new machines

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Solarstone, redefining modern living, envisions a future where passive buildings transform into dynamic energy hubs. As a trailblazer in BIPV solar solutions, we stand at the nexus of innovation and sustainability, driving the future of green energy and reshaping urban landscapes.

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