Total installed output – 7.2 MW
Completed projects – 800+
Reduced CO2 emissions – 7400 t/year
Represented – 10 countries


Building-integrated PV (BIPV) provides you protection for the soaring electricity prices for decades. Energy efficient buildings are more valuable and attractive to buyers. BIPV promotes sustainable use of raw materials, enhances green mindset and has reasonable payback period.

Solarstone’s technology can help any house with a sloped roof achieve the desired architectural and aesthetic visual. Our portfolio includes PV solutions for Tiled Solar Roofs and existing Standing Seam Steel Roofs. With Click-on technology, we can turn any Tier 1 solar panel into weatherproof solar roofing material, whereas the whole roof can be covered with panels and passive elements in the perimeter.

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The core advantages of BIPV over traditional bolt-on BAPV can be identified in quite simple terms.

Aesthetics – BIPV helps maintain the original design of the building.

Spatial efficiency – BIPV promotes resourceful use of land and existing spaces of an existing building.

Weatherproof – BIPV performs as regular roof with all the weatherproofing properties.

Easy-to-install – BIPV follows similar installation principles as regular roofing materials.

Efficient – BIPV promotes sustainable use of raw materials.

Sustainable – BIPV helps convert a building self-reliant for energy requirements.


We are not just another panel producer

Rooftop solar should not be about faking the #gogreen. 98% of rooftop solar installations have regular weatherproof roof installed underneath (BAPV), resulting in wasteful use of construction materials. Solarstone’s solutions require 2x less building material than traditional solar roofs. Our principle is to use sustainable construction methods with minimised carbon footprint.

Solar installers are not motivated to switch from regular solar to BIPV as it lacks economical advantages and desired functionality. Rooftop solar has to be affordable and easy. Our digital toolset uses smart algorithms, geolocation and satellite data for automated layout planning, quoting and production management. Solarstone’s unique solution renders standard solar panels into modern roofing material. Premium solar roof for the price of a regular roof.


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