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Transforming rooftops into powerhouses. Beyond just shelter, imagine a roof that fuels your home with solar energy. Explore our collection of solar roofs and solar carports.


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Solarstone Solar Full Roof on a residential house
Two-in-one marvel

Solar Full Roof™

A powerhouse roof. Our Solar Full Roof integrates advanced solar technology into the building structure, creating an aesthetically pleasing solution that saves on the costs of separate installations.

This solution is right for you if:

You have a new-build or renovation project

The roof has a minimum pitch of 18°

You’re looking for the best value

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solarstone solar tiled roof on a modern house
Classic meets innovation

Solar Tiled Roof™

Solar Tiled Roof™ combines solar and roofing functionality into a perfect energy production system without compromising the visual appearance of your home. Interlocks with a comprehensive selection of flat concrete and clay tiles.

This solution is right for you if:

Your new-build or renovation project requires roof tiles

The roof has a minimum pitch of 18°

You’re looking for the most premium offering

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Solarstone Solar Carport with electric Volvo XC40 in snowy conditions
Charge your car

Solar Carport Residential

A dual-function solution that provides vehicle protection and clean energy generation. Perfect for homeowners with electric vehicles or those planning to switch to electric in the future.

This solution is right for you if:

You have or will have an electric vehicle

You have enough room for a carport

You want to protect your car and generate clean energy

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Solar Carport Commercial

Create 2-in-1 EV charging infrastructure while also providing convenient parking and protection from weather conditions.

This solution is right for you if:

Your business has a large parking lot for customers or employees

You want to create an environmentally friendly image of your business

You’re looking to fix your energy price and reduce bills

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Solar 101

Empower yourself through knowledge

Solarstone employees carrying a solar panel

Solarstone Opens Europe's Largest Factory for BIPV Production

Press Releases  •  News

Viljandi, Estonia - Solarstone unveils its state-of-the-art Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) factory, establishing itself as the largest of its kind in Europe by production capacity.The factory has the capacity to assemble 13,000 integrated solar panels per month. Annually, this supplies 6,0...

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katuse aluskate

How to choose an underlay for a solar roof?


The primary function of the roof underlay is to ensure long-term watertightness and thereby protect the roof structure.The primary function of the roof underlay is to ensure long-term watertightness and thereby protect the roof structure. Selecting an appropriate underlay can be challenging due to t...

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modern house with solar full roof

Why Building-Integrated Photovoltaics?

Technology  •  Solar 101

The world is quickly evolving in the face of climate change, and with this shift, a pressing need for sustainable energy solutions has emerged. One of the innovative answers to this global issue is building-integrated photovoltaics, or BIPV. Not only do these panels serve the dual purpose of providi...

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Check out some of the houses that have a Solarstone solar roof or solar carport installed and get a better picture of how it could elevate your home to a higher level.

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