What are the Warranty Conditions for Solar Panels?

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The warranty conditions associated with solar panels can be confusing. Different manufacturers have different interpretations of the length of the warranty period and the circumstances in which the warranty conditions are triggered.

For Solarstone products, the warranty terms can be broadly divided into three.

2-year installation warranty. It extends to both the panels and the inverter and starts from the moment the system is handed over to the customer. It is important that all solar panels behave as intended and as expected, acting as a complete roofing material. As with tiled roofs, we cannot guarantee the full waterproofness of the roof. In case of extreme spills and heavy rains, water can move through the joints under the panels. In order to prevent the water from becoming dangerous to the structures in the described situation, a special underlay is always installed under the panels and roof tiles, which must direct the secondary water quantities (incl. condensed water) to the soffit, where the water simply dries out. In the rare case where there is no soffit, the underlay is directed and fixed directly to the gutter, which prevents water from getting on the wall and between the structures. The installation warranty covers the location of the inverter and the fixing of the visible part of the cabling on the building structures.

10-year product warranty. This extends to Solarstone panels and means that the panels as a roofing material are durable and generate electricity. The panel frame and module work as a whole, the clamps are functional and have not come loose. Often the length of the warranty period for inverter manufacturers is also defined as 10 years, coinciding with the product warranty period for panels. For example, the manufacturer of Solaredge inverters provides the end user with a 12-year lifetime warranty.

25-year productivity guarantee. The productivity of solar panels is not constant over time. Typically, the maximum capacity decreases by about 0.5 percent per year. The productivity of Solarstone panels remains at 80% 25 years after the commissioning of the panels.

Warranty work is usually responded to within 15 days. We recommend that all our clients inform their insurer when the PV system is completed.

Be sure to also read about Solarstone panel maintenance.

Read the full warranty conditions here.

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