Solarstone's Warranty Conditions

  1. These warranty terms and conditions (hereinafter “Terms”) apply to OÜ Solarstone (hereinafter “Solarstone”) registry code 12916046, established in Estonia) and buyer (hereinafter “Client”) in the legal relationships arising from the purchase of Solarstone goods and services.

  2. The warranty provided by Solarstone applies only to items manufactured by Solarstone itself for 10 years and to installation work performed by Solarstone for 2 years.

  3. In addition to section 2, Solarstone mediates manufacturer warranties for products produced by other manufacturers. Mediation of warranties from other manufacturers means direct mediation, and Solarstone does not take on any sales warranty obligations. Solarstone mediates warranties for solar panels, inverters, optimizers, other equipment, and solar panels produced by other manufacturers, with the following terms:
    3.1. Inverters and solar panels are covered by a warranty according to the manufacturer's conditions, with the length usually, but not always 10-years.
    3.2. Solar panels are covered by warranty for maximum productivity and maximum power according to the manufacturer's conditions (data sheet), with the length usually, but not always 25 years.

  4. Warranty term on items and maximum productivity warranty begins on the day the Client purchases the product(s). If the Client does not receive the products more than 3 months after the purchase of the product and the products are stored in Solarstone's warehouse due to the Client's acceptance delay, the warranty period for the products and the maximum power guarantee will begin 3 months after the purchase of the products.

  5. The installation of products performed directly by Solarstone is guaranteed for 2 years from the date of acceptance of the works or from the work is considered accepted according to law. The customer can order for an extra fee an extended warranty for installation work for up to five (5) years. Solarstone provides installation service only in Estonia.

  6. To exercise the rights arising from the manufacturer's warranty, the Client has to contact Solarstone. Any claim made under the warranty shall become invalid if the Client does not notify Supplier of such a claim in written form allowing reproduction within thirty (30) days of discovering the defect giving rise to the warranty claim, or after the Client should have discovered it.

  7. To verify the validity of the warranty, the Client must provide Solarstone original documents: sales invoice, contract and a document proving payment of invoice.

  8. Warranty claims must be submitted via Solarstone website or e-mail and must include a description: the location/address of the product, type of product, serial number (if possible), an accurate description of the observed defect (and if necessary, additional information contributing to the analysis of the defect, photos of damaged products, the system's electrical diagram), all system data monitoring information, along with a copy of the respective invoice and purchase agreement, payment confirmation and the delivery date.

  9. After receiving the warranty claim, Solarstone will check the circumstances underlying the claim and the Buyer is obliged to cooperate in finding out the circumstances.

  10. The parties acknowledge that the characteristics/parameters of the goods (including efficiency, electricity productivity, service life) depend on external circumstances, which include, but are not limited to, the roof pitch, weather conditions, temperature, humidity, etc.

  11. The warranty provided by the manufacturer (including Solarstone as a manufacturer) covers defects in the device that have not arisen or occurred due to circumstances caused by the Client, or a third party or circumstance not influenced by the manufacturer and that become apparent during the warranty period. Solarstone and the manufacturer are not obliged to provide the warranties mentioned in sections 2 and 3 in case the equipment or the work related to its installation is damaged due to the actions of the Client or third parties or for other reasons is beyond the control or will of the manufacturer or Solarstone, including intentional or negligent electrical or mechanical damage, lightning, or overvoltage caused by the electrical grid, etc.

  12. During the manufacturer's warranty, defects caused by the manufacturer on the defective item will be eliminated under warranty at the manufacturer's expense. The ownership of the replaced product belongs to Solarstone. In cases where repair is impossible or unreasonable, the device is replaced or reimbursed by the manufacturer. In the event of a solar panel productivity warranty, the manufacturer has the right to repair the product, supply additional products, or offer compensation in the amount determined by the manufacturer (not including lost revenue). Repair or replacement of products does not extend the valid warranty period, i.e. the original warranty period applies.

  13. The warranty provided or mediated by Solarstone does not cover defects in products that have occurred due to circumstances caused by the Client or a third party or circumstance not influenced by manufacturer, including but not limited to:
    13.1. Failure to follow the instructions provided in Solarstone solar power station and product user manual and accompanying documents, installation manual and maintenance/user manual;
    13.2. The solar power station or its elements have been installed by a person who lacks the legally required registration and certification for electrical works and/or construction works, training for BIPV installation and written permission by Solarstone;
    13.3. Errors caused by the work front handed over by the Client, including design errors of the building or construction errors that occurred up to the work front handed over to Solarstone (including errors in both construction works and selected building materials);
    13.4. if the roof angle is below 18° degrees. Solarstone has informed the Client that Solarstone does not provide roofing materials and installation work for roofs with an inclination angle of less than 18°, unless the work front handed over to Solarstone by the Client meets the specific instructions for installation work by Solarstone and Solarstone has separately confirmed the validity of the warranty to the Client after checking the transferrable work front;
    13.5. the prohibition to walk or step on the sunroof without written approval by Solarstone is violated. It is forbidden to step or walk on the solar roof by persons who have not received the necessary training for solar roof maintenance and who have not received written consent from Solarstone to carry out maintenance work (including the Client);
    13.6. Due to external factors and willful actions;
    13.7. Improper or non-intended use of the product (including use not related to solar energy production);
    13.8. Normal wear and tear of the product during operation;
    13.9. Installation and/or configuration and/or modification, repairs, repair attempts of the solar power station by a person who does not possess the required qualifications, including electrical and/or construction work qualifications, BIPV installation training and written permission by Solarstone;
    13.10. Solarstone solar power station solar modules have been connected to any other manufacturer's solar modules or Solarstone modules that do not belong to the same model or have different power specifications without supplier's prior consent;
    13.11. Failure to perform proper maintenance of the solar power plant in accordance with the Solarstone operation/maintenance manual and with the regularity prescribed therein. If the Solarstone user/maintenance manual does not provide more frequent maintenance, the warranty ends if the Client fails to perform maintenance of the solar power plant at least once within 5 years through Solarstone or a cooperation partner approved by Solarstone in writing. Regular maintenance is paid by the Client (according to the price list valid at the time of maintenance).
    13.12. Neglect of maintenance (including failure to perform periodic maintenance as specified in the accompanying documents), maintenance or treatment with prohibited substances (including acidic or alkaline substances), incorrect installation practices, incorrect use;
    13.13. Power outages and errors, errors caused by the main grid, lightning, floods, waves, earthquakes, fires, accidental malfunctions, or other circumstances beyond Solarstone's control;
    13.14. Errors caused by other factors beyond Solarstone’s control, such as (but not limited to) mechanical damage (including falls, impacts, shocks, vibrations, dirt), shifting of support structures or soil, deformation, vibration, mechanical damage caused by the conveyor, unusual weather conditions, force majeure, fire, floods, accidental breakage, mass disorder, epidemics, embargoes, or other similar unexpected, unforeseen events, etc.;
    13.15. Installation or operation of the solar power station or its components in the following locations where there is an obvious risk of damage to products, including (but not limited to):
    (1) Locations with a moderate likelihood of contact between the solar power station or its components and corrosive or otherwise harmful substances (salt, acidic or alkaline substances etc.) or flammable substances;
    (2) Locations where devices or objects that generate or collect flammable gasses are located near the solar power station or its components;
    (3) Locations with excessive air pollution, chemically active substances (sulfur dioxide, acid rain, soot, dust, sand, hail, salt).
    (4) Areas where air temperature drops below -40 °C and rises above 70 °C;
    (5) Areas where snow and ice loads or wind speeds exceed the maximum allowable load.
    13.16. Replacement, removal, modification, illegibility, or non identifiability of the serial number or type number control label, etc., on the device and/or component;
    13.17. Defects that have occurred after the delivery due to non-compliance with standard transport or storage rules or during transport or storage;
    13.18. Natural scratches, stains, mechanical wear, rust, degradation, color change, or other changes that do not affect the module's electrical output or mechanical strength, limited to the visual changes within the respective warranty period:
    (1) Insignificant increase in surface roughness;
    (2) Insignificant frame damage due to environmental factors;
    (3) Insignificant shield damage due to environmental factors or corrosion manifestations;
    (4) Insignificant cable or connector damage due to environmental factors or corrosion manifestations.
    (5) insignificant damage to the frame mount due to environmental factors.
    13.19. The tonality of photovoltaic cells (solar panels) may vary slightly, but this does not diminish the functionality and quality of the components, and therefore, it is not covered by the warranty.

  14. The warranty expires:
    14.1. Upon expiration of the term.
    14.2. In case of proper non-compliance with the conditions specified in the warranty (including the use or installation manual of the device and the conditions specified in the warranty).
    14.3. If the fact mentioned in section 13 of the products or service is detected.

  15. The manufacturer's warranty does not exclude or limit the Client's right to use other legal remedies.

  16. The warranty does not cover transportation costs, customs procedures, or other costs related to the return, repair, or re-delivery of the product, installation, removal, or reinstallation costs, or lost revenue related to system production. The aforementioned is performed for a fee, and this cost is paid by the Client.

  17. Supplier is not liable in any way for damage to persons or property or any other personal or property damage arising from or related to the product for any reason, including product defects or use or installation. In no event shall Supplier liable for indirect/consequential damages, loss of use, lost profits, production loss, or specific damages. Total liability, expressed in compensation or otherwise, shall not exceed the amount of the invoice issued for the product that the Client has paid.

  18. The warranty is subject to the laws of the Republic of Estonia, and the jurisdiction for warranty disputes is in Estonia (except for specific consumer dispute rules).

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