Solar Roof

Become energy-independent with our solar solutions. Energy efficient, easy to install and with seamless integration to your home.

Why go solar with us?

Shape your own sustainable future with our seamlessly integrated solar solutions


Enjoy the freedom and security of producing your own power with solar panels

Cost reduction

Spend on what matters by achieving long-term financial savings

Low carbon footprint

Live more sustainably and contribute to environmental conservation

Increased home value

Improve your house aesthetically and functionally with a solar roof
Be an energy prosumer

Empowered & efficient

Becoming energy-independent is easier than ever. Your solar roof produces energy for yourself and your family and never worry about fluctuating market prices again.

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Our solar products
Solar Full Roof™
Best value
Solar Tiled Roof™
Solar Carport

Two-in-One Marvel

A powerhouse roof. Our Solar Full Roof™ integrates advanced solar technology into the building structure, creating an aesthetically pleasing solution that saves on the costs of separate installations.

Classic Meets Innovation

Solar Tiled Roof™ harmoniously blends with traditional architectural styles while delivering a modern energy production experience.

Power and protection

Solar Carport protects your vehicle and charges it at home while producing clean energy. Ideal for electric vehicle owners or those planning a switch.

What sets us apart

Different by design

Every solution we offer adheres to our core principles. This results in a product that caters to your needs, reduces your costs and looks great.

Superior aesthetics

Solarstone building-integrated solar panels are compatible with all common roofing materials. They fit into place seamlessly as the panels are invisible to the naked eye.

Save resources and money

By integrating solar technology directly into the roof structure, you can bypass the costs associated with traditional roofing materials and their installation.


Solarstone isn't just about looking good. Our panels are designed for higher efficiency and better power output, ensuring you get the most from your solar energy system.

Safety first

Solarstone’s solar roofs meet all necessary standards and regulations, ensuring safety, reliability, and compliance with local building and energy codes.

About Solarstone®

Fast-forwarding into the future by transforming buildings into energy-producing powerhouses

Our mission is to promote sustainable living and resource-efficient construction practices. Building-integrated solar installation delivers a sound return of investment, but that is not all.

We want to enable anyone to make a positive change and build a more sustainable future. We’re in it together.

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Got some questions?

Don’t worry, we can answer all your questions – like whether Santa Clause can still safely climb on top of your roof – and more. You can consult our FAQ and if you’re still left wondering, feel free to contact us!

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