Solarstone wrapped: a Year of Solar Coaster

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2023 was a standout year for Solarstone, marked by practical achievements and solid growth in the world of sustainable energy. Let's take a look at what made this year so significant.

1. Launch of Solar Carport

The year kicked off with the launch of the Solar Carport in the Nordics. Simple yet innovative, it showed how everyday structures can be turned into sources of clean energy. It's not just a parking space; it's a mini power plant, and that's a big deal for eco-friendly solutions.

Solarstone Solar Carport extended with a Bentley and an Audi

2. One thousand solar roofs

Last year, Solarstone installed its 1000th solar roof, a clear sign that aesthetic rooftop solar is not just a trend, but a practical choice for many homeowners. Each installation means less reliance on traditional energy grid and a small, but important, step towards a greener planet.

3. Opening of Europe’s largest BIPV factory

One of our most significant milestones of 2023: opening of Europe's largest BIPV (Building-Integrated Photovoltaics) factory in Viljandi, Estonia. This positions Solarstone well to become a European BIPV leader.

Solarstone new factory from the inside

4. Brand new website & online calculator MVP launch

Recognizing the need for easy and understandable access to information in the complicated world of solar, Solarstone launched a new website and a MVP version of online in-roof solar calculator. This makes it simpler for anyone to understand how solar energy can work for them, breaking down barriers to entry in the solar market. The website itself is not fully completed, yet, and will be updated in small releases within Q1.

5. Community engagement

Solarstone's involvement in Rally Estonia 2023, donation in the face of solar rooftop to a Ukrainian kindergarten and participations in Solaride's success in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge showcase our commitment to community and sustainability beyond just business. These efforts bring solar energy into diverse aspects of life, from sports to education.

6. 30% revenue growth

Ending the year with a 30% growth in revenue is a sign of growing consumer trust and interest in aesthetic solar roofing. It's a strong finish to a year that saw many changes in the solar sector.

It was a whirlwind year at Solarstone, filled with big achievements and even bigger dreams. We're powering a thousand homes with beautiful solar roofs and we've built Europe's top BIPV factory.

But we're not stopping there. 2024 promises even more innovation, both on the digital and physical front. Plus, our commitment to community means solar energy will be reaching new heights.

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