Four years strong – Solarstone's ongoing support for Solaride

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solaride event at solarstone factory

Solarstone, a solar roof manufacturer based in Viljandi, Estonia, is continuing its partnership with the Solaride project for the third consecutive season. Since 2020, this collaboration has led to international competition participation and opened up new opportunities for Solaride’s team and also students in TalTech.

The solar panels made from solar cells in Solarstone’s factory, played an important role in powering Solaride’s first and second cars. Solarstone’s mentors have consistently offered advice and help, assisting the team both in the factory and through various training sessions. Additionally, many events have been organised together, including a meeting of sponsors and mentors in December 2022, which further strengthened the growing network.

“Two seasons of collaboration have shown that Solaride can bring big visions to life. We are pleased to support Estonian youth on this journey with our activities while contributing to the development of a smart and ambitious next generation,” said Maiko Kiis, Solarstone’s marketing manager.

With Solarstone’s help, Solaride’s solar cars have participated in two international competitions: the 2021 Solar Challenge Morocco and the 2023 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. The solar panels on both cars were produced at Solarstone’s factory and proved very durable, despite challenging weather conditions.

We are proud to continue working with Solarstone. Thanks to our collaboration, many young people have had the opportunity to learn from experts about how solar energy works and how to use it. Together, are helping Estonian students grow!” said Asso Soosalu, Solaride’s CEO.

Supported by TalTech’s educational development fund, students outside of Solaride had the opportunity to contribute to the production of Solaride II’s solar panels. The theoretical part of the project-based course covered the principles of solar cell operation and the use of solar energy. The practical work was conducted at Solarstone’s factory, where the solar cells were assembled into solar panels.

Thanks to Solarstone’s continued support, Solaride has been able to participate in international competitions and continuously increase young people’s interest in engineering. Solaride’s third season’s team is already preparing for the next competition – the 2025 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. In the upcoming season, the plan is to build on past successes and develop innovative solutions to boost performance in competitions and promote engineering among young people.

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