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In Sweden's serene landscapes, where nature's tranquillity intertwines with innovative technological advancements, Terawatt AB has carved its path, illuminating the way towards eco-friendly living.

Although formally penned down just one year ago, the story of Terawatt AB is deeply rooted in a passionate journey through the solar industry, navigated by brothers Thamer and Ihab Zueiter. Their clear and profound mission aims to seamlessly integrate renewable energy solutions into the daily life of Swedes, ensuring safety, satisfaction, and a gentle nod to the nation's environment.

solar panels on the roof with red houses on the background
solar panels on the roof
swedish seaside landscape with red houses on the shore

Unveiling the partnership and its diverse value

The partnership between Terawatt AB and Solarstone emerges as a beacon of shared visions and innovative excellence. This alliance is not merely a collaboration but a confluence of aligned values, unwavering dedication to quality, and a collective aspiration to redefine the role of solar solutions in construction and energy generation. Terawatt AB, steadfast in its commitment to delivering top-tier, renewable energy solutions, finds a harmonious resonance with Solarstone's Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) products.

Thamer Zueiter, co-founder of Terawatt AB, shares, "Our partnership with Solarstone is both strategic and ideological. We envision a future where every new building, whether a home or a commercial space, actively participates in energy generation. Solarstone solar roofs represent more than just solar solutions; they pave the way towards making buildings self-sufficient, stylish looking, and environmentally responsible."

Navigating through the solar industry, Terawatt AB has consistently prioritised solutions that serve a functional purpose and seamlessly align with aesthetic and architectural aspirations. Solarstone solar roofs embody this principle by seamlessly integrating into building designs, enabling structures to generate clean energy and enhancing their visual appeal. This dual value, often sought but rarely achieved in conventional solar solutions, signifies more than just an energy solution; it becomes an integral part of the building's identity, reflecting a synergy between form and function and ensuring that the adoption of sustainable practices does not necessitate compromising on design and architectural integrity.

terawatt logo on a sign

Innovating Swedish homes with Solarstone

Integrating a new product into existing offerings is a meticulous process. Terawatt AB strategically plans to weave Solarstone's BIPV products into its current portfolio and installation procedures. This involves thoroughly collaborating with Solarstone's technical team to fully grasp the products' specifications and requirements. The goal is to align Terawatt AB's existing offerings with Solarstone's innovative BIPV technology, ensuring that the integration is smooth and beneficial for all parties involved.

"Working with Solarstone's team, we aim to understand every nuance of their products, ensuring that when we introduce them to our clients, we're doing so with the utmost confidence in their performance and aesthetic appeal," shares Thamer Zueiter, co-founder of Terawatt AB.

Moreover, Terawatt AB will fine-tune its installation processes to accommodate the unique features and installation requirements of Solarstone's products, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of the BIPV systems across various building types. This meticulous integration sets the stage for a bright future in Swedish homes and buildings, illuminating many projects, from quaint residential dwellings in tranquil forests to sleek commercial structures in bustling cities.

Thamer Zueiter reflects, "Solarstone's products are poised to become a staple in Swedish architecture, offering a seamless blend of visual appeal and efficient energy production, which is crucial in modern construction."

With the adaptability of Solarstone's BIPV products, they can be effortlessly incorporated into various architectural styles across Sweden, providing a clean energy solution that doesn't sacrifice design or aesthetic appeal. This not only elevates the value of the structures but also contributes to sustainable and energy-efficient building practices, meticulously crafted to meet the distinctive needs and tastes of the Swedish community.

Swedish style houses with Solarstone Solar Full Roof
Closer look of a Solarstone Solar Full Roof with a trees and a seaside on the background
Red houses with a gleaming Solarstone Solar Full Roof, bathed in summer sunlight, showcasing its sleek design and eco-friendly integration.

BIPV: Aligning Sweden’s solar aspirations with green building practices

In the blossoming landscape of Sweden's solar industry, marked by a noticeable uptick in installations and a burgeoning interest in clean energy solutions among its citizens, the integration of Solarstone's Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) products emerges as a strategic and aesthetic alignment with the nation's architectural and energy objectives. This integration resonates with the Swedish populace's design preferences and environmental consciousness. It ensures the nation's architectural, environmental, and energy objectives are met with style and efficiency.

Thamer Zueiter, co-founder of Terawatt AB, observes, "The Swedish market is ripe for innovative solar solutions that don't compromise style or functionality. Solarstone unique products cater not only to Sweden's energy and architectural goals but also to our citizens' attractive appearance and environmental sensibilities, paving the way towards a future where every structure is not just a shelter but a contributor to a cleaner and more sustainable environment."

Building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) are pivotal in Sweden's journey towards eco-conscious building practices, reducing carbon emissions and propelling buildings towards energy independence, thereby fostering more environmentally conscious and self-sufficient communities. The role of BIPV products in Sweden transcends mere adherence to sustainability norms. It is deeply intertwined with the nation's commitment to sustainability and constructing eco-friendly and energy-efficient structures.

Thamer reflects further, "BIPV products stand as a testament in Sweden's sustainability journey, serving not just as a means to reduce carbon emissions but as a pathway to energy autonomy and the creation of environmentally mindful communities."

Solarstone Solar Full Roof up close
Solarstone Solar Full Roof on a modern home

Customer expectations and envisioning a better future

The announcement of Terawatt AB's partnership with Solarstone has not only been met with palpable enthusiasm and anticipation from clients but also sparked a forward-looking conversation about the future of eco-friendly living in Sweden. The prospect of integrating eye-catching and efficient BIPV products into their projects has ignited interest and curiosity among homeowners and developers alike, weaving a tapestry of expectations and visions for the future of energy in Swedish homes and buildings.

Thamer Zueiter shares, "The response from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive. They are keen to explore and understand the multifaceted benefits that Solarstone's products can bring to their projects, both regarding sustainability and design appeal. Our vision extends beyond the horizons of business and innovation. It's about crafting a future where Swedish homes are not just dwellings but powerhouses of clean, renewable energy, contributing to a greener Sweden."

Potential customers have demonstrated a robust interest in BIPV solutions, recognising the benefits of integrating solar technology into their construction projects. The dual functionality of Solarstone's products, serving as both a renewable energy source and a design element, has been particularly appealing, setting high expectations and multifaceted interest from reducing energy costs to enhancing their properties' aesthetic and functional value.

As Terawatt AB and Solarstone embark on this collaborative journey, they are not merely forming a business alliance but forging a confluence of shared visions and aspirations to drive the adoption of renewable energy solutions in Swedish homes and buildings. The partnership is poised to navigate through the evolving landscapes of the BIPV sector and renewable energy solutions in the coming years, casting its gaze towards a future where eco-conscious urban development is not just a concept but a lived reality for the people of Sweden. Engaging with stakeholders, urban planners, and the community, Terawatt AB and Solarstone are committed to championing a future where every home is a testament to Sweden's commitment to sustainability and innovative green solutions.

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Join the Solar Revolution with Us!

At Solarstone®, our collaboration with Terawatt AB  is just the beginning. We're actively seeking partnerships with roofing companies eager to meet the current and upcoming renewable sector demand. If you want to upgrade your expertise, expand your portfolio, and future-proof your business, we're here to help. Traditional rooftop solar companies aiming to stay ahead of the curve are encouraged to collaborate with us. Together, we can co-create a brighter, greener tomorrow.

Reach out to us, and let's explore the transformative possibilities together!

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